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Our selection is with an eye toward the ideal upland bird dog.  Today, many dogs receive recognition in several venues rewarding expensive and intense training.  We feel it is superior inherited abilities that make a valuable hunting companion. Our aim is not specifically toward field trials, we do not select for extreme range and speed at the expense of easy biddable handling, or statuette “staunchness” on point at the expense of natural retrieving ability.  Our goal is to find the best combination of characteristics that contribute to the ideal field dog, serviceable with a wide variety of game and localities, performing in the manner desired by sportsmen. 

If you are considering the purchase of a bird dog be cautious, with so many breeders on the Internet, a sportsman looking for a field dog is playing something akin to trivial pursuit. If breeding is done promiscuously without selection, the randomness of that process creates no more than average dogs (or worse). This is why selection by actually observing and working them, judging their natural capabilities is essential. 

Our breeding program is a collaborative effort over many years. We have searched around the world for Llewellin Setters used in our foundation bloodlines. We feel this is a program that has created the ultimate blend of domestic and European imports. Still, we know no matter how strong the gene pool, the continued high quality of a hunting kennel must have a foundation of selecting individuals for natural dispositions, capabilities, sagacity and adoptability to finding game.

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